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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks \u0026 Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.

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  1. M R

    M R

    13 minutes ago

    Jim is a jerk in this scene.

  2. Riordan


    13 minutes ago

    Ron Swanson's principal and attitude towards life is what I strive to teach my kids on the future.

  3. mayder 40

    mayder 40

    21 minute ago

    She's very much like many high school girls--no exaggeration.

  4. Dan Onil Galang

    Dan Onil Galang

    36 minutes ago

    When Mateo got caught by ICE hits really hard for a comedy series.

  5. Jessica Strike

    Jessica Strike

    57 minutes ago

    Amy learning to be angry at Holt is a great low key example of character development, her shouting at him on the honeymoon after he insults Jake was brilliant

  6. rtc32t


    Hour ago

    Phyllis is too cute at 2:12. They tried so hard to save that take LOL

  7. pickles and marshmallows

    pickles and marshmallows

    Hour ago

    where's "Aw babe you had a crush on me? That's embarrassing!" "We're married." "Still."

  8. Fe Rietbergen

    Fe Rietbergen

    Hour ago

    'What if he never meets my baby? I don't wanna hang out with some stupid baby that's never met Jake' - Charles Boyle.

  9. skeeter


    2 hours ago

    I love the whole clues scene

  10. Krishna Deshmukh

    Krishna Deshmukh

    2 hours ago


  11. Automatic1653


    2 hours ago

    "Blink twice if you want me to mercy kill you." 😭😭😭😭

  12. TaSK


    2 hours ago

    ''I'm gonna murder you.'' *I understand, just one sec* That killed me, must be one of the funniest moments in the whole show, just... the delivery was perfect, and April's face after that

  13. magi Swag

    magi Swag

    3 hours ago


  14. Dan Onil Galang

    Dan Onil Galang

    3 hours ago

    Cristin Millioti is one talented actress.

  15. Dan Onil Galang

    Dan Onil Galang

    4 hours ago

    No one would talk about the Cloud 69ing on the board. Lol

  16. butterfly


    4 hours ago

    Rosa's scene with her parents is really sad but I can't stop laughing at this part 7:16 when Jake just sang "Rosa Rosa Rosa" T_T

  17. J S

    J S

    4 hours ago

    The first one was the main one I was hoping for

  18. Asdo Wayne

    Asdo Wayne

    4 hours ago

    Andy at 9:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Patrick Neal

    Patrick Neal

    4 hours ago

    Yaaaa we say "noice" not "swort"

  20. Ignacio Sayago

    Ignacio Sayago

    5 hours ago

    Gabriel Susan Lewis

  21. elnuisance


    5 hours ago


  22. ohh blivious

    ohh blivious

    5 hours ago

    Amy Poehler is the goat

  23. IBenupto shenanigans

    IBenupto shenanigans

    6 hours ago

    Russian language in a nutshell

  24. hee hee

    hee hee

    6 hours ago

    3:44 BABABOOEY

  25. Aarnav Gandhi

    Aarnav Gandhi

    7 hours ago

    ok guys we all know who is the actual " World's best boss"

  26. chris123


    7 hours ago

    0:05 andy literally describing depression.

  27. Avenger bill99

    Avenger bill99

    7 hours ago

    Terry with a kitten in his hand is too pure

  28. Julien Cailleba

    Julien Cailleba

    7 hours ago

    We need a season in te 90's !

  29. Rishi Kamath

    Rishi Kamath

    8 hours ago

    The best one is the cold open in season 1 where he shows Jake the Hoola Hooping pictures.

  30. Vincent NICOLLÉ PAGLIA


    8 hours ago

    Brooklyn nini nini

  31. Insert Name

    Insert Name

    9 hours ago

    I havent watched this show so im confused on the reason they have a film crew

  32. Garvit V Sharma

    Garvit V Sharma

    9 hours ago

    You can try but there is no comparison Michael Scott is GOAT

  33. Aditya Argekar

    Aditya Argekar

    9 hours ago

    the office is the best show. yet to see b99

  34. RK C

    RK C

    10 hours ago

    The 2 most perfect people on TV. Ross n Rachel can go jump. Liz n Jack are just perfect together. Plus Tina Fey is the most beautiful lady of TV.

  35. TK Kmetz

    TK Kmetz

    10 hours ago

    H E L L double hockey sticks lmao

  36. Elly Anderson

    Elly Anderson

    10 hours ago

    I love that Rosa liked Jake sooner then Terry did

  37. Scruff D0g

    Scruff D0g

    10 hours ago

    Yeah Jean-Ralphio is annoying, but you would pick him 100 times out of a 100 over his Nightmare of a sister Mona-lisa.

  38. I’m in ur room

    I’m in ur room

    11 hours ago

    One of my favorite parts of the show is when Andy tells Diane to come to city hall in chalk. I find it so heart-warming.

  39. Banana Junta

    Banana Junta

    12 hours ago

    Vance refrigeration

  40. Seekh Le Kuch

    Seekh Le Kuch

    13 hours ago

    I like to think that Holt saw them doing the impressions and did Boyles one on purpose. Just to mess with them 😂

  41. Srinidhi Bharadwaj

    Srinidhi Bharadwaj

    13 hours ago

    Perfect example of Political unity needed in this world. Authoritative Left and an extreme Right Libertarian.

  42. Indigo on IOS

    Indigo on IOS

    13 hours ago

    It’s a disappoint that the I want it that way is not here

  43. Arik Kildal

    Arik Kildal

    13 hours ago

    "blast of cold air comin out of that box" is by far my favorite one

  44. Pappa Smooth

    Pappa Smooth

    13 hours ago

    Jerry was probably the only character on the show with perfect life

  45. Jakes Foley

    Jakes Foley

    14 hours ago

    9:02 good grief he’s naked

  46. Mr. L

    Mr. L

    14 hours ago

    Kevin: Needled him a new suit? Even when we’re arguing, you’re hilarious. Stop it. Stop it.

  47. Mr. L

    Mr. L

    14 hours ago

    “Kevin’s right.” “You’re fired.” 😑

  48. Jose Carlo Barcelona

    Jose Carlo Barcelona

    14 hours ago

    I want this to be my alarm tone.

  49. lorraine simon

    lorraine simon

    14 hours ago

    Drunk Holt saying "nothing" gets me every time

  50. Sophisticated Beaver

    Sophisticated Beaver

    14 hours ago

    Bearded kevin looks like pewds lmao

  51. Desi Tv

    Desi Tv

    15 hours ago

    He’s weird

  52. Simon Long

    Simon Long

    15 hours ago

    "That dog is a piece of trash!" Dog: We'll you're not so special either princess.

  53. Frank Wayne

    Frank Wayne

    15 hours ago

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  54. dgaller06


    16 hours ago

    Captain Holt is by far the better boss.

  55. R.J. Animation Stuff

    R.J. Animation Stuff

    18 hours ago

    "I'm the f-ing lizard king" -2022 quote of the year

  56. Kevin Gomolchak

    Kevin Gomolchak

    18 hours ago

    "BOOOOONE?!" "NO, GOD, NO!"

  57. 6318374


    19 hours ago

    Michael Scott is the boss you want cause you can get away with just about anything, Captain Raymond J. Holt is the boss you want when you want to be great at your job.

  58. etatwell1229


    20 hours ago

    "the Gina incident" 😂

  59. TheAviationNetwork


    20 hours ago


  60. David Peters

    David Peters

    20 hours ago

    Michael Scott: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Captain Raymond Holt: BOOOOOOONNNE!!!!!!!

  61. Jared1701


    20 hours ago

    I have to admit that if you love bacon, that is an awesome idea 💡

  62. Cody Wright

    Cody Wright

    21 hour ago

    That little TV on the wall has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It doesn't even need explanation it's that funny. Genius writing.

  63. JustSRK


    21 hour ago

    They should’ve done Leslie Vs Michael instead, parks vs paper.

  64. michele landolfi

    michele landolfi

    21 hour ago

    "The whole thing took me 20 minutes. People who buy things are suckers"

  65. Carlos Becerra

    Carlos Becerra

    21 hour ago

    Holt and Diaz relationship was def one of my favorites.

  66. Trash Can Raccoon

    Trash Can Raccoon

    22 hours ago

    i can't believe it's canon that ben writes gay star trek fanfiction in his spare time

  67. MultiPizzapizza


    22 hours ago

    "We use the wift" LMAO!

  68. juliano kassab

    juliano kassab

    22 hours ago

    I prefer holt because his brain is soft and wet

  69. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts

    22 hours ago

    Can’t believe they didn’t include Michaels giant stack of French toast he made for Pam

  70. Xilene


    23 hours ago

    Can we address the fact that the cameraman is creepily taking a video @5:30? In the story, the cameraman is actually a character so--

  71. Shaurya Kante

    Shaurya Kante

    23 hours ago

    Parks and Rec wins

  72. Anna Nye

    Anna Nye

    23 hours ago

    When I used to work at a gas station and bird got in there too and would fly over our heads too. I was more afraid of it pooping on our heads. One girl literally had a fear of birds flying up in her face.

  73. Carl Parasram

    Carl Parasram

    23 hours ago

    It's not a competition. Captain Holt is better !

  74. Evets Zerimar

    Evets Zerimar

    23 hours ago

    Dina and Ron Swanson need to meet and have a killer weekend of fishing.

  75. Henry Vo

    Henry Vo

    Day ago

    Ron Swanson would have been too powerful for this face off

  76. Manasi k

    Manasi k

    Day ago