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  1. Raven Kahne

    Raven Kahne

    12 hours ago

    I Have Bumble-Flex!! priceless.

  2. AJG AZ

    AJG AZ

    14 hours ago

    They predict COVID at 4:24

  3. redClover 83

    redClover 83

    14 hours ago

    Eleanor is such a genius! i love it xD when Michael stopped acting, i was horrified! he really played the good guy head hancho

  4. 소희


    14 hours ago

    Omg I DID NOT know that Amy's ex was the advertisement guy from The Office 😮😮😮

  5. MisterTwister


    15 hours ago

    Rosa is more hot headed and violent, whereas April is manipulative and scheming. The two would compliment each other very well

  6. Matt Irons

    Matt Irons

    15 hours ago

    Rosa is such a babe

  7. Jonny TBags

    Jonny TBags

    15 hours ago

    There are 2 Cheddars on the show. One has a black coat, one doesn't

  8. kaaiitlin


    15 hours ago

    i am creating a K E R F U F F L E

  9. im not happy about this

    im not happy about this

    16 hours ago

    I love how ben just doesn’t get jerry having a hot wife and how pawnee loves lil sebastain

  10. kmallory100


    16 hours ago

    DJ Blunts?!!!!

  11. Rahul Medhekar

    Rahul Medhekar

    16 hours ago

    "The copy guyyy...??"

  12. kmallory100


    16 hours ago

    Treat Yo Self 2011!!

  13. Soumyadip Mukhopadhyay

    Soumyadip Mukhopadhyay

    16 hours ago

    I wonder how Pimento survived in Argentina without knowing Spanish? 😂

  14. Apex


    17 hours ago

    "You look like eight circles with suspenders on" lmao

  15. Vincent Joy

    Vincent Joy

    17 hours ago

    Rain Willson is an unbelievably great actor!

  16. Sohail Marur

    Sohail Marur

    18 hours ago

    Molly solverson

  17. D R

    D R

    18 hours ago

    4:28 need an episode only to explain that moment

  18. Sanya Rohilla

    Sanya Rohilla

    19 hours ago

    truly ahead of its time.

  19. Sam The Lion

    Sam The Lion

    20 hours ago

    I hope we get to see some more in the next season. :3

  20. Sharan Marepally

    Sharan Marepally

    21 hour ago

    Should've added that part from PDA where Michael and Holly barely touch each other trying to hug

  21. Oishii Kudasai

    Oishii Kudasai

    21 hour ago

    And i thought leslie was crazy. Ron: You’re not very good at scrapbooking.

  22. The Snek Shed

    The Snek Shed

    22 hours ago

    The human chrysalis human makes me so uncomfortable and I can’t place why

  23. Abyss Jeno

    Abyss Jeno

    22 hours ago

    Just y0gurt

  24. Anna Arnoldussen

    Anna Arnoldussen

    23 hours ago

    Corn fricken noodle

  25. aryaa


    23 hours ago

    No you don't change your mind in the monty hall riddle

  26. Anna Arnoldussen

    Anna Arnoldussen

    23 hours ago

    Steve is nothing

  27. 100% PUREMUSTARD


    23 hours ago

    Lagavulin 16 sucks, real peated scotch lovers drink Ardbeg Corryvrecken and Laphroaig Cask Strength.

  28. 100% PUREMUSTARD


    23 hours ago

    Lagavulin 16 sucks, real peated scotch lovers drink Ardbeg Corryvrecken or Laphroaig Cask Strength.

  29. D_25_Shreyash


    23 hours ago

    Andy Samberg is talented as hell.

  30. J Addal

    J Addal

    Day ago

    You can see the microphone for a split second at 0:00 above Pam

  31. Scotti Brown

    Scotti Brown

    Day ago

    I love how in an interview, when asked about working with her husband Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally said that she loved it because in the screaming scenes between Ron and Tammy II, she considers it as therapy

  32. Lily


    Day ago

    Just started bringe watching with my husband a few days ago. Almost done, and I cant believe it got canceled 😢

  33. TheToptige


    Day ago

    I have always wanted to know who gets more work done. Michael Scott, who just can’t find himself to do any, or Ron Swanson who chooses not to

  34. Justmii


    Day ago

    2:24 this is the moment everyone knew that behind the mask of michael scott was none other than gru

  35. Warp


    Day ago


  36. Kat L

    Kat L

    Day ago

    Just realized the “Mongolian” woman is Sandra in superstore!!! 😱😱😁

  37. Bianca Zou

    Bianca Zou

    Day ago

    This is actually very calming.

  38. Crispy Bacon

    Crispy Bacon

    Day ago

    3:28 it sounds weird that holt actually called peralta and boyle by their first name

  39. Faiyaz Alam

    Faiyaz Alam

    Day ago

    looks like oscar is the person takes this job seriously

  40. Regal Panda

    Regal Panda

    Day ago

    Something so weird about seeing her in a police role and not putting on a southern accent.

  41. Aidan Vaughan

    Aidan Vaughan

    Day ago

    Ron is my favourite character on the show

  42. TheTruBird


    Day ago

    2:23 Ok, so while that sounds cool, it’s actually not possible. Humans can only read what their eyes are centered on, not what’s in our peripheral vision. Try it if you don’t believe me.

  43. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

    Day ago

    Karen is much hotter

  44. Ink


    Day ago


  45. Phantom Real Music

    Phantom Real Music

    Day ago

    THIS is the bad place

  46. Donna Haynes

    Donna Haynes

    Day ago

    "Loosen up, Sarge." "Summer of love, baby." "It's March, man, shut up!" 😂😂😂

  47. Nicole Hall

    Nicole Hall

    Day ago

    He is the absolute best part of this show!

  48. Whatzup XxX

    Whatzup XxX

    Day ago

    Holt's face when Wuntch told him to bring his own tissue, priceless 🤣

  49. Jo Palm

    Jo Palm

    Day ago

    "Rift! We use that Rift!" Who can blame Paul for laughing💩😂

  50. Liezle Heath

    Liezle Heath

    Day ago

    asmr performer lol

  51. Robert Janus

    Robert Janus

    Day ago

    Ah, Megan 🥰 ONE and ONLY 😍

  52. Vesuvius


    Day ago

    This video is beautiful. I’ve watched it for five hours now.

  53. Thomas Jacob

    Thomas Jacob

    Day ago

    The hug Holt gives Rosa at the end of the Game Night episode gets me everytime. Holt really is like a parent to these guys. He went through so much adversity as a detective and now that he's a captain he tries to give his squad the respect and opportunities he never had

  54. Wildcat 8

    Wildcat 8

    Day ago

    Almost don’t want to watch “the office” related uploads anymore. I risk seeing an incredibly unfunny race hustling Samantha B add that can cause cancer.

  55. Keigo Takami

    Keigo Takami

    Day ago

    Who are the 11 idoits who dislike this

  56. Gremlin Shipper On The Loose

    Gremlin Shipper On The Loose

    Day ago

    This feels like an Out Of Context compilation

  57. Tisha Waddell

    Tisha Waddell

    Day ago

    I knew from this first episode what this really was about

  58. Yogesh Kumar

    Yogesh Kumar

    Day ago

    Yuupp Nopee Yuupppee

  59. Dexter Wallingsford

    Dexter Wallingsford

    Day ago

    I hacked it, I’m a hacker

  60. Matthew Bartlett

    Matthew Bartlett

    Day ago

    but amy's woud work. weigh 6 on each side. whichever side is heavier, divide into 3 and have each group of 3 from group of 6 on each side then whichever side is heavier, weigh 2 of the 3, 1 on each side. whichever side is heavier that's the person. if they're the same, the one that's not on the scale is it

  61. Lampcap


    Day ago

    "Shes gonna be screaming her own last name?" Can you imagine? 😆😆

  62. Matthew Bartlett

    Matthew Bartlett

    Day ago

    ngl, i liked Rosa's solution

  63. Elias Blomberg

    Elias Blomberg

    Day ago

    I never noticed how similar Leslie and Amy are lol

  64. free will

    free will

    Day ago

    This is found footage

  65. Alex Aguiluz

    Alex Aguiluz

    Day ago

    She’s here...

  66. Headless Body

    Headless Body

    Day ago

    I love them ❤❤❤ if yall want another cute, healthy gay couple theres these two guys in But I'm a Cheerleader that are amazing.

  67. 77penrod


    Day ago

    You been wanted for murder! “Let me settle in.” Then drives away was the best.

  68. diego arana

    diego arana

    Day ago

    chopsticks is not the measure of a man

  69. sinthiafs


    Day ago

    Karen is the best

  70. Joshua Fallet

    Joshua Fallet

    Day ago

    "fun? i was never fun, you take that back!"