Amy Santiago VS Man's Best Friend | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Amy Santiago battles hardened criminals - but her true enemy? Dogs. Can't say we saw that coming. Grab an epi pen and get watching.
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  1. Krishna Deshmukh

    Krishna Deshmukh

    58 minutes ago


  2. 353 Md Sameer Rais

    353 Md Sameer Rais

    Day ago

    5:25 rosa and amy synergy is perfect

  3. m i r a c u l o u s l a d y b u g

    m i r a c u l o u s l a d y b u g

    4 days ago

    Jake: She sneezed, dog allergies, which means Amy took- Holt: CHEDDAAAARRRRRR

  4. Vanshika Parikh

    Vanshika Parikh

    5 days ago

    0:38 the way she holds his arm😍😍

  5. The Golden Polar Bear

    The Golden Polar Bear

    6 days ago

    I still can't believe Holt said "smaller dogs" instead of puppies

  6. Alan Rodrigues

    Alan Rodrigues

    10 days ago

    That thumbnail killed me XD

  7. Novelist Becca

    Novelist Becca

    12 days ago

    5:27 he's like a dad calming down two kids

  8. aayush daga

    aayush daga

    19 days ago

    Clip @5:10 is from which episode?? I don't remember this scene at all, I have rewatched it so many times

    • aayush daga

      aayush daga

      17 days ago

      @Sirius Black thank you

    • Sirius Black

      Sirius Black

      18 days ago

      The name of episode is 98

  9. Tris Beam

    Tris Beam

    20 days ago

    Holt's character came a long way from my husband's dog to my fluffy boy

  10. Datafiend


    20 days ago

    Fraud Dog!

  11. Ben MacTavish

    Ben MacTavish

    21 day ago

    Melissa has the best facial expressions

  12. Jerome Ferns

    Jerome Ferns

    22 days ago

    5:30 Priceless

    • aayush daga

      aayush daga

      19 days ago

      Which episode is this from??

  13. whytheracecardisplayed


    23 days ago

    If females couldn't speak...

  14. Mr Popo

    Mr Popo

    23 days ago

    Watched the entire show up until the last episode. Pretty good, but the characters get hella annoying after like 3 seasons and the one-sided view on social issues will be your downfall. An entire season dedicated to BLM protests? GL with that one, morons.

    • Fardim Nazir

      Fardim Nazir

      5 days ago

      Sucks being you.

  15. Siddharth Anburajan

    Siddharth Anburajan

    23 days ago

    Choo Achoo Ah-Chooo 🤧

  16. Dan Onil Galang

    Dan Onil Galang

    23 days ago

    Jake confronting Cheddar in the bathroom of Capt. Holt because Amy is freaking out with her allergies will always be one of the most iconic scene in the history of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

  17. Alex G Reid

    Alex G Reid

    24 days ago

    0:38 Cheddar’s little walk here is so fucking cute 😍😂

    • bonnie bonnie

      bonnie bonnie

      Day ago

      That Cheddar in season 1 was really chunky its so cute

  18. Michael Kressbach

    Michael Kressbach

    24 days ago

    "Hand me the small dog, Santiago."

  19. Andrew Gagne

    Andrew Gagne

    25 days ago

    3:54. There is?! Well, there is a hard seltzer brand called Corona. You guys get where I'm going with this?

  20. Dwergie


    25 days ago

    Cheddar is a C H O N K Y boi

  21. Mark Calloway

    Mark Calloway

    25 days ago

    Just me getting dog related ads on this video? 😂

  22. Mohammad Al-Mutairi

    Mohammad Al-Mutairi

    25 days ago

    Stupid show

    • Jahnavi J J

      Jahnavi J J

      25 days ago

      Then why are you even here man, crazy fellow

  23. Mojtaba Fallah

    Mojtaba Fallah

    25 days ago

    "no it was number 2 and it was intense, friend." Totally relate to this line

    • Mark Calloway

      Mark Calloway

      25 days ago


  24. Fathima Abdulrazak

    Fathima Abdulrazak

    25 days ago

    Amy:"sneezes" Jake:bless you I love even though he was watching through cctv, he said it😍

  25. Zach Brookes

    Zach Brookes

    25 days ago

    "It's a 'service' animal he has for made-up reasons!" Whoa, that was COLD! She's being truthful of course, but that delivery was harsher than an Arctic wind!

  26. Definitely not a Muse

    Definitely not a Muse

    25 days ago

    "Its entirely possible that Hitchcock's cologne disrupted your cycle" "Right,yes,That is a very real possibility " 🤣😂

  27. KMGJW 2004

    KMGJW 2004

    25 days ago

    Note to self: make dogs listen to you by speaking UWU

  28. Sarah G

    Sarah G

    25 days ago

    The fact that the ad I got on this specific video was about allergy medication is simply beautiful

    • Mark Calloway

      Mark Calloway

      25 days ago

      Me too lol

  29. Goober da Gamer

    Goober da Gamer

    25 days ago

    Blind Charles is a pretty good Charles 👍👍👍

  30. Mohammad Deoun

    Mohammad Deoun

    25 days ago

    Screw floyd mayweather vs logan paul I wanna see amy santiago vs doggo.

  31. JJ rmmrrja

    JJ rmmrrja

    25 days ago

    Holt and Terry getting ready to catch Amy in that last scene is adorable and funny at the same time. They really are like the dads of the 99.

  32. Pat Lee

    Pat Lee

    25 days ago

    chedder is a cinnamon roll

    • The99


      25 days ago

      I agree😂

  33. AWESOME Boyzee Boy

    AWESOME Boyzee Boy

    25 days ago


  34. PH5121


    25 days ago

    "Hand me the small dog Santiago." XDDD!!! Lmao, Cheddar is so cute waddling up to Amy!

  35. arsen Xxxx

    arsen Xxxx

    25 days ago

    'We give the dog a bunch of chocolate, the dog dies when everyone celebrates..' THAT'S my favorite Amy vs dog moment..why is not here?

    • Naina Rai

      Naina Rai

      25 days ago

      @Sippakorn Rattanawong It's a season 3 episode called "The 9-8"

    • Sippakorn Rattanawong

      Sippakorn Rattanawong

      25 days ago

      Which episode is this?

  36. juliano kassab

    juliano kassab

    25 days ago

    cheddar is very very cute not like other dogs

  37. The99


    25 days ago

    Amy’s so keen to impress holt that she takes the dog although she’s allergic😅😂

  38. Atharva Chaure

    Atharva Chaure

    25 days ago

    "He's turning all the turtlenecks into regular necks" LoL

  39. Florentina McAnaney

    Florentina McAnaney

    25 days ago

    Charles saying pwez pwez pwez 😂😂😂

  40. Enzo Lu

    Enzo Lu

    25 days ago

    Rosa dabbing along with Amy is the best

    • Teacher Elo English

      Teacher Elo English

      25 days ago

      Rosa is such a true friend.

  41. Emma Ray

    Emma Ray

    25 days ago

    The 98 episode is probably the only one where her extreme hatred for dogs is perfectly justified

  42. R Siddharth

    R Siddharth

    25 days ago

    This is the only thing keeping me from asking Amy out. 🙄

    • Alanna Mills

      Alanna Mills

      25 days ago

      Besides the fact that she is not real?

    • Emma Ray

      Emma Ray

      25 days ago

      Besides the fact she’s already with Jake?

  43. Mythical Entertainment

    Mythical Entertainment

    25 days ago

    Amy Santiago is a national treasure ❤️

  44. RJ Tavares

    RJ Tavares

    25 days ago

    "I hope your dog helps with neck pain!"

  45. KroumKroum


    25 days ago

    Jake : "Do not. Blow this for us." Cheddar : 👁👅👁

    • Tate Bruce

      Tate Bruce

      10 days ago

      @Adrien Zaid yup, I have been using flixzone for months myself :D

    • Adrien Zaid

      Adrien Zaid

      10 days ago

      pro tip: watch movies on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

  46. Astle Truscott

    Astle Truscott

    25 days ago

    Never been this early to one of these videos. I only just watched this show and most of these videos are at least 7 months old

  47. Mpants


    25 days ago

    The face Kevin made when Amy said "No!" was priceless



      18 days ago

      @Mpants both is good

    • Mpants


      23 days ago

      @Yap Hong-wei Jonathan both

    • Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      23 days ago

      Kevin? Or you meant holt?

  48. mansi shukla

    mansi shukla

    25 days ago

    Honestly, if Santiago wasn't allergic to dogs, I could totally see her being friends with them

    • jhodgkinson17


      2 days ago

      @Alan James true, but even the most well-trained dogs can be energetic, messy, and hard to control

    • Alan James

      Alan James

      3 days ago

      @jhodgkinson17 However, dogs can be well trained. Not to forget the fact that get husband is probably one of the most chaotic person in NY

    • jhodgkinson17


      23 days ago

      i see what you mean, but at the same time, i don't think she would ever own one. amy hates disorder and chaos, and having a dog in the house would cause a lot of disorder and chaos

    • A Human

      A Human

      25 days ago


    • John Hoyt

      John Hoyt

      25 days ago

      If it wasn’t for her allergies getting a dog would be on her list of life achievements along with having children

  49. Edits Verse

    Edits Verse

    25 days ago

    "I just need an epipen because my happiness is making my throat close up 😵" LOL 😂

  50. Sam Stern

    Sam Stern

    25 days ago


  51. N Mouning

    N Mouning

    25 days ago

    "Santiago are you hiding in my bathroom with a dog that you're deathly allergic to?" "No?"

    • Dipak Mule

      Dipak Mule

      10 days ago


  52. Sober Turtle

    Sober Turtle

    25 days ago


    • rachael


      25 days ago