Best of the Running Jokes from The Office, Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

BINGPOT: it's all of our favourite running jokes from The Office, Parks & Recreation AND Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So good you'll watch it twice*
*Title of your sex tape
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  1. Eean30


    8 days ago

    This video is streets ahead

  2. DarkCaedus


    9 days ago

    The library joke is so fantastic, it made the finale so much greater.

  3. Egg Fam

    Egg Fam

    10 days ago

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  4. Joy Chin

    Joy Chin

    10 days ago

    One that i like is “YA BORING” that Amy got from Jake

  5. Ash Duk

    Ash Duk

    11 days ago

    The solid cereal ultrascructurally describe because cappelletti complementarily stitch lest a delirious motion. rustic, tasteful crown

  6. Captain ChickenYT

    Captain ChickenYT

    13 days ago

    8:57 favorite Tom line

  7. Mozzie


    14 days ago

    Gale probably just has a thing for older man

  8. Ahmadreza Enayati

    Ahmadreza Enayati

    16 days ago

    fire department from b99

  9. Dan Onil Galang

    Dan Onil Galang

    17 days ago

    Title of your sextape is probably Brooklyn 99's best running joke,. But Jake's past with Taylor Swift is one of the things we always wanted to hear. Lol

  10. Sadia Ahmed

    Sadia Ahmed

    18 days ago

    2:20 I love that Chris also thought about it😂😂😂

  11. Jack Wallis

    Jack Wallis

    19 days ago

    This is what made these shows so great

  12. Jessica W

    Jessica W

    19 days ago

    Omg yess Ive been looking for a video that has the bingpots!!

  13. shreyas mahendra

    shreyas mahendra

    20 days ago

    How could u not Include liter'lly that's the best joke

  14. Zacky Mohmand

    Zacky Mohmand

    21 day ago


  15. Vedika


    21 day ago

    Parks and rec has so many great running jokes

  16. Birb


    22 days ago

    What did Jake to do Taylor Swift?!? I need to know

  17. Ian David

    Ian David

    22 days ago

    Why isn’t the little horse gag on here??

    • Grady Meier

      Grady Meier

      22 days ago

      Lil Sebastian, get it right

  18. cecile _ jrs

    cecile _ jrs

    22 days ago

    Where's Jake's undying love for Die Hard??

  19. ZesPak


    23 days ago

    The best running joke in parks and Rec for me was Ben being mystified by Lil Sebastian

    • Turkois


      18 days ago

      I know I can't believe they didn't include it!

  20. Daniel Pruitt

    Daniel Pruitt

    23 days ago

    1:47 best part of the show lol

  21. Puslint Phar

    Puslint Phar

    23 days ago

    Lil Sebastian is parks and rec best running joke

  22. Heidi Hopf

    Heidi Hopf

    23 days ago

    Petition to have Taylor Swift cameo as herself on B99 and have Jake freak out.

    • Aj Brooks

      Aj Brooks

      4 days ago


    • Aldrick Ex Gladius

      Aldrick Ex Gladius

      5 days ago

      @Jason Smits screw Taylor, I want John McClane!!!!

    • Jason Smits

      Jason Smits

      17 days ago


    • Batul Kothawala

      Batul Kothawala

      20 days ago


  23. CrammyBeast


    23 days ago

    We need taylor swift on b99 asap

  24. sakshi koul

    sakshi koul

    23 days ago

    For the uninitiated: Toby is the Scranton Strangler!!!😎😎

  25. GummyBear556677


    23 days ago

    Post Strangulation Toby looks like the boss from The Incredibles

  26. Buchi Chu

    Buchi Chu

    23 days ago

    I always found the Jerry's wife stuff super problematic.

  27. Jennifer L.

    Jennifer L.

    24 days ago


  28. Billy Madlener

    Billy Madlener

    24 days ago

    Toby really is the strangler isn't he lol

  29. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick

    24 days ago

    Poor Tobe 😂😂

  30. Kevin Gomolchak

    Kevin Gomolchak

    24 days ago

    Bingpot is my favorite.

  31. stopautoclick


    24 days ago

    Literally Jerry said that he looked like Chris before gale got pregnant

  32. NotCallum


    24 days ago

    We all know exactly why Gale is with Jerry, A.K.A. Mr Big

    • Mr. Spaghetti

      Mr. Spaghetti

      7 days ago

      “That’s what she said!”

    • Mephistopheles


      10 days ago

      @Emma Grace so he used to be a really handsome guy who had a really great personality. Its obvious she wouldn't divorce him after they had kids even if he is a big tubby guy. Gale knows other people don't find him attractive as she says "in my eyes" but she loves him still even if he is no longer attractive to others.

    • Mephistopheles


      10 days ago

      @Emma Grace the reason was because Jerry used to be handsome. He literally said he used to look like Chris when he was younger. Like most marriages the husband starts attractive then by old age they turn into big tubby guys

    • Primitive Human

      Primitive Human

      12 days ago

      That’s what she said

    • Aayush Chintalapati

      Aayush Chintalapati

      16 days ago

      Jerry, Terry, Larry

  33. Tyler Morris

    Tyler Morris

    24 days ago

    Bean pot from B99

  34. Liam Hay

    Liam Hay

    24 days ago

    Been looking for a bingpot compilation. Now I just wish I had one that was just that.

  35. Noah


    24 days ago

    I love the running joke with Ben and the accounting firm

  36. John B

    John B

    24 days ago


  37. Talita Rodrigues

    Talita Rodrigues

    24 days ago

    The last "that's what she said"... the best one

  38. Cade Capper

    Cade Capper

    24 days ago

    How could you leave out LITERALLY the best joke??

    • G S

      G S

      19 days ago

      @Cade Capper you are the coolest, thanks for telling them, even tho they tried to play you :*

    • marcy a

      marcy a

      22 days ago

      @Morter 4 no it's not a woosh bc you never conveyed any sarcasm

    • Cade Capper

      Cade Capper

      22 days ago

      @Morter 4 Just wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt in case you were genuinely confused

    • Morter 4

      Morter 4

      22 days ago

      @Cade Capper r/woooosh

    • Cade Capper

      Cade Capper

      23 days ago

      @Morter 4 One of the characters in parks and rec, Chris Trager, uses the word "literally" all the time. It's my personal favorite running joke in the series, except for maybe Chris's anxiety

  39. Abby Marie

    Abby Marie

    24 days ago

    “That’s what she said. NO TIME! But she did. NO TIME!”

    • Vedika


      21 day ago

      That’s my favourite that’s what she said

    • Matt Hillegas

      Matt Hillegas

      23 days ago

      Definitely my favorite use of that joke by Michael. Put a little spin on it.

  40. Sam Stern

    Sam Stern

    24 days ago

    These gags are Bingpot

    • The Uno

      The Uno

      24 days ago

      That’s what she said

  41. ViloceraptorX


    24 days ago

    I'm so confused on why I didn't get the notification

  42. devesh bhambhani

    devesh bhambhani

    24 days ago

    They forgot "IDIOT" that Dwight says to everyone

  43. Malik The mad man

    Malik The mad man

    24 days ago

    I never notice the bingpot thing in Brooklyn 99

    • assholic


      24 days ago

      @gili natanel I can't believe they didn't include his yeast infection pun

    • gili natanel

      gili natanel

      24 days ago

      Yeah same, barely noticed the Taylor swift or at least not all of it. I also much rather stuff like Holt & Rosa being emotion-less and Boyle making innocent sentences/situations into sexual ones for absolutely no reason even tho he obvi isn't a creep or anything

  44. Huzayfa Jasat

    Huzayfa Jasat

    24 days ago

    the best that's what she said joke was when Michael got in trouble by corporate and jim started trolling him and made him say it

    • Aayush Chintalapati

      Aayush Chintalapati

      16 days ago

      @december 1to31 satisfied*

    • december 1to31

      december 1to31

      23 days ago

      Well you always left me satisfacted and smiling

    • Harry Hogan

      Harry Hogan

      23 days ago


  45. Aysha alex

    Aysha alex

    24 days ago

    Thats what yall said

  46. Based


    24 days ago

    That's what who said?

    • Broken Mask

      Broken Mask

      24 days ago

      I never know

    • Hunter Fett

      Hunter Fett

      24 days ago

      She said

  47. Megachicken 123

    Megachicken 123

    24 days ago

    When your later than the bots

  48. Xzafex


    24 days ago


  49. Brandan Beatrice

    Brandan Beatrice

    24 days ago


  50. Monky Dollqueen

    Monky Dollqueen

    24 days ago


  51. Kuki Gamer

    Kuki Gamer

    24 days ago