DAMN IT, JERRY! | Parks & Recreation | Comedy Bites

Ugh, Jerry.
Here's every single time anyone says "damn it, Jerry" on Parks & Recreation, plus some extra insults for good measure!
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  1. Ethan Twink

    Ethan Twink

    5 days ago

    Feel sorry for him but he also asks for it.

  2. George AdSwan

    George AdSwan

    8 days ago

    I liked the part where they said “dammit Jerry”

  3. LL Armstrong

    LL Armstrong

    9 days ago

    Not funny. Made me madder than the Meg bashing

  4. Asha C.

    Asha C.

    9 days ago

    he's still so sweet despite always being dismissed by the others

  5. Saikat Musib

    Saikat Musib

    9 days ago

    Man got bullied by everyone.

  6. Reshirex


    9 days ago


  7. Evan Nance

    Evan Nance

    9 days ago


  8. Sam Stern

    Sam Stern

    9 days ago

    Dammit you guys for making fun of a nice guy

  9. Viviana Espinoza

    Viviana Espinoza

    9 days ago

    Tom is one is the one is meaner to jerry

  10. Henry Vo

    Henry Vo

    10 days ago

    Every show’s gotta have their Jerry 😔

    • Ian Stephenson

      Ian Stephenson

      7 days ago

      Sandra in Superstore, Hitchcock and Scully in B99, Cricket in Sunny

    • dasherino


      10 days ago

      like toby

  11. Game over

    Game over

    10 days ago

    don't forget that Jerry/Larry/Gary has the best life outside his workplace.

    • Isaac Altman

      Isaac Altman

      4 days ago

      @Niveditha Jayakumar and Mailman Barry

    • Niveditha Jayakumar

      Niveditha Jayakumar

      9 days ago

      Even terry

    • Annmarie Raphaela

      Annmarie Raphaela

      9 days ago

      remember Toby too!!!

  12. Ryan Lynch

    Ryan Lynch

    10 days ago

    Poor man he was the only nice one

  13. Colton Slocum

    Colton Slocum

    10 days ago

    Hey first one, damnit jerry you were supposed to comment first! 😂

  14. N Mouning

    N Mouning

    10 days ago

    I feel so bad for him!😭

    • Marcus Herrera

      Marcus Herrera

      10 days ago

      Don’t be sorry. He’s has a perfect life, wife, three wonderful children’s, becomes a mayor of Pawnee, and wonderful grandchildren.