Ed Helms & Jana Schmieding Introduce Rutherford Falls (Trailer & Extras) | Comedy Bites

Ed Helms & Jana Schmieding introduce the trailer for "Rutherford Falls", a comedy about two lifelong best friends who find themselves at a crossroads - quite literally - when their sleepy town gets an unexpected wakeup call.
Plus, the creators and cast give you six reasons why you should Rutherford Falls, streaming now exclusively on Peacock:
A small town in the Northeast and the Native American reservation it borders are turned upside down when local legend and town namesake, Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms), fights the moving of a historical statue. "Rutherford Falls" is created and executive produced by Michael Schur, Ed Helms and Sierra Teller Ornelas, and stars Jana Schmieding, Michael Greyeyes, Jesse Leigh and Dustin Milligan. Mike Falbo, David Miner and Morgan Sackett also serve as executive producers.
Rutherford Falls © Universal Television LLC. Peacock © Peacock TV LLC. All rights reserved.
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  1. habsfan canadian

    habsfan canadian

    13 days ago

    That show is so good I actually got a Peacock subscription for it. :) That is the best show in years

  2. LAH Leslie

    LAH Leslie

    14 days ago

    This show is so f*cking good!

  3. Kalplay


    15 days ago

    Is that mose at 2:45?? Andy and Mose got their own show lol

    • r m

      r m

      4 days ago

      That's Michael Schur. He created parks and rec, the good place, rutherford falls, brooklyn 99, and he wrote, produced, and acted as mose in some episodes of the office.

  4. Akhtaruzzaman Joy

    Akhtaruzzaman Joy

    15 days ago

    Andy, you can do this!!!

  5. Alpha Male

    Alpha Male

    15 days ago

    Looks like I will pass

  6. Aless Delalande

    Aless Delalande

    15 days ago

    Micheal Schur is so talented that everything that he creates I watch

    • Chaim Rene

      Chaim Rene

      9 days ago

      @Luciano Lachlan yup, been using flixzone for since november myself :)

    • Luciano Lachlan

      Luciano Lachlan

      9 days ago

      Pro tip: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies lately.

    • AP Wong

      AP Wong

      11 days ago

      He's Mose in the office right?

  7. Brute Better

    Brute Better

    15 days ago

    I wish they would stop promoting racism! 👎 ☯

  8. palamaro


    15 days ago

    Does not seem funny ngl. Though I want it to be.

  9. Mr Kiwi

    Mr Kiwi

    15 days ago

    Only watching if Andy Samberg is in it (at least in a cameo) Edit: Ok now I’m getting real Parks and Rec vibes and I’m looking forward to it

  10. constantinenero


    15 days ago

    The Office and just behind brooooklyn

  11. stretchbeast13


    15 days ago

    Office or Brooklyn 99?