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Were you looking for every single meme from Parks and Recreation? Then you've come to the right place. We've got Ron Swanson eating a banana, April's love of garbage, the infamous "Get on Your Feet" scene - how many more iconic moments could you ask for?
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  1. montse fonsecaa

    montse fonsecaa

    3 hours ago


  2. Gremlin Shipper On The Loose

    Gremlin Shipper On The Loose

    Day ago

    This feels like an Out Of Context compilation

  3. Abigail Brown

    Abigail Brown

    Day ago

    For some reason I misread this and thought I was watching a 10 minute video of every single mom meme

  4. Francesca Kyanda

    Francesca Kyanda

    2 days ago

    Once I watched this show, I understood every single meme

  5. Lia Dibuja

    Lia Dibuja

    2 days ago

    Best comedy show ever

  6. Martin Solland

    Martin Solland

    2 days ago

    Ben is Eagle 2. "Thank God."

  7. utopianfirbiscuit


    3 days ago

    Ann, code name: “been there done that”

  8. Siya Sharma

    Siya Sharma

    3 days ago


  9. Agathe Fommarty

    Agathe Fommarty

    5 days ago

    "Ben is... Eagle 2"

  10. Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

    Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

    5 days ago

    *this is my friend Maddison and she’s amazing and SHE DROVE ME HERE*

  11. Chris P. Bacon

    Chris P. Bacon

    5 days ago

    where's the april, derek and ben scene!!

  12. Sherlock Krankcase357

    Sherlock Krankcase357

    5 days ago

    Anyone notice like all of Chris' scenes involve his depression.

  13. One Singular Human

    One Singular Human

    5 days ago

    Okay but like, where’s the Who Broke It scene???

  14. MisterTwister


    5 days ago

    Every time it cuts back to “Get on your feet” I just lose it all over again

  15. Ethan Carroll

    Ethan Carroll

    6 days ago

    Best show ever.

  16. Roselin Estephanía

    Roselin Estephanía

    6 days ago

    Aw man, you don't know how big the "stupid Chávez" meme is to venezuelans. Chávez was indeed very stupid and we hate him and everything he did, the end :)

  17. monn moon

    monn moon

    6 days ago


  18. V M

    V M

    6 days ago

    So this is just the Office basically

    • V M

      V M

      4 days ago

      @Just an innocent Pomegranate true. A lot better but you know what I mean

    • Just an innocent Pomegranate

      Just an innocent Pomegranate

      5 days ago

      Better than the office

  19. Shelb


    7 days ago

    ive watched this show so many times omg i love it

  20. Spike 365

    Spike 365

    7 days ago

    Good lord

  21. Spike 365

    Spike 365

    7 days ago

    It’s Beautiful and I’ve looked at this for 5 hours now

  22. Derp Herpston

    Derp Herpston

    7 days ago

    3:43 yep, that's the actress who's Joy in Inside Out, alright!

  23. Tophat _ted

    Tophat _ted

    7 days ago

    Where is “don’t be suspicious”

  24. • Jan Stormborn

    • Jan Stormborn

    8 days ago

    That red carpet scene, pure gold 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 😂☠️

  25. Veronica Anderson

    Veronica Anderson

    8 days ago

    They're missing when Jean Ralphio sings "The wooooooorst!" Also I think there needed to be more Jean Ralphio in this video overall.

  26. kavi chauhan

    kavi chauhan

    9 days ago


    • Noah Hamre

      Noah Hamre

      Day ago

      I laughed so hard watching this🤣😂

  27. StinaStudios


    9 days ago

    5:29 😭

  28. Vauhini Pandian

    Vauhini Pandian

    10 days ago

    Leslie is the cutest when she said1:58 “No” No” No”. Like the CUTEST

  29. iambiggus


    11 days ago

    I said that to myself in the mirror a few months ago after a rough bout of food poisoning. It make me chuckle a little, and then cry.

  30. Oniphius1


    11 days ago

    Best line in series, "Stop, Pooping"

  31. Niall Byrne

    Niall Byrne

    11 days ago

    the Game of thrones memes have aged like a fine wine

    • Anton Strutt

      Anton Strutt

      7 days ago

      And if you pay more than $5 for it then you’re stupid.

  32. Hanifah Hashim-Subhan

    Hanifah Hashim-Subhan

    14 days ago

    Oh, okay, I don't even have TIME to tell you how wrong you are... Actually, it's going to bug me if I don't."

  33. Graham MacDonald

    Graham MacDonald

    15 days ago

    Alright here it comes... 9/11

  34. Ian mak M

    Ian mak M

    16 days ago

    The cooing fortnight thoracically itch because fall timely realise toward a ablaze science. beautiful, godly trumpet

    • Shea Moore

      Shea Moore

      13 days ago

      Hey, what??

  35. Itadakimassachusetts


    19 days ago

    (flips sign) "I'm dead!"👍😊

  36. alison


    21 day ago

    it's absolutely tragic that Craig wasn't there for more of the show

  37. Jackey Chen

    Jackey Chen

    21 day ago

    The zippy thread importantly reply because wine hypothetically plan underneath a lavish graphic. awake, large mole

  38. Shano TravelsJebs

    Shano TravelsJebs

    21 day ago

    Needs more Turd Crapley

  39. Karen


    24 days ago

    Chris is a mood 100% of the time

  40. Gawon Kim

    Gawon Kim

    24 days ago

    Wheres “Who broke it”

  41. Liliana Zylstra

    Liliana Zylstra

    24 days ago

    How is it that every single character is relatable?

    • SeymourPant


      5 days ago

      I think you're just bipolar

  42. Jessica Hopkins

    Jessica Hopkins

    27 days ago


  43. Phoebe Monger

    Phoebe Monger

    27 days ago

    “I don’t have time to tell you how wrong you are.... actually it’s gonna bother me if I don’t “

  44. Guy That

    Guy That

    27 days ago

    I don't think you know what meme means

  45. Jae Johnson

    Jae Johnson

    27 days ago

    Donna's 1st reaction to Jean Ralphio is me every time he's on screen

  46. thethumper088


    28 days ago

    I unfortunately found this show too late and it is now behind a pay wall on peacock...

    • Sharon Thornton

      Sharon Thornton

      26 days ago

      Just do a peacock free trial and binge as much as you can during that week. I’ve watched the entire show in six days and 19 hours (while having very little other responsibility)

  47. Ferdebicc The Insecure Wizard

    Ferdebicc The Insecure Wizard

    28 days ago

    You can't forget the time Ron punched the coffee maker and asked who did it

  48. Layla N

    Layla N

    28 days ago

    no coffee maker scene?

  49. isabela de sá

    isabela de sá

    28 days ago


  50. stargirl


    28 days ago

    ugh I'm still on the season 5. need to finish it and start again lol

  51. Benjamin Philip Schutte

    Benjamin Philip Schutte

    28 days ago

    Every single meme and its conveniently 2 seconds longer than the video needs to be to get an extra ad

  52. 77cns


    28 days ago


  53. batgirl.with.glasses


    29 days ago

    When Ron drank that whole jug of alcohol I half expected his mustache to reappear fully grown when he moved his hand away.

  54. lia


    29 days ago

    ron is so great

  55. Azra A

    Azra A

    29 days ago

    I guess my thoughts on abortion are... let’s just have a good time

  56. Manav Udgirkar

    Manav Udgirkar

    29 days ago

    1:25 is so good

  57. gary mcfall

    gary mcfall

    Month ago

    The ice rink went too long.

  58. Billy Cannon

    Billy Cannon

    Month ago

    4:47 "I guess my thoughts on abortion are...y'know, let's just all have a good time" that gets me every single time

  59. Sierra Davis

    Sierra Davis

    Month ago

    I decide between Ben and Ron. I love them both so much 😂

  60. Sabishī


    Month ago

    5:50 Isnt that the I pooped my pants guy in the crowd?

  61. voyo m

    voyo m

    Month ago

    google earth, always taking pics.

  62. pranjallpahuja


    Month ago

    my favourite: 2:49

  63. cheesecakesization


    Month ago

    i've never had a single gay thought, but im just built different

  64. MoneyMakinMeeka


    Month ago

    "I am 100% certain that I'm 0% sure of what I'm going to do" My life in a nutshell

  65. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles

    Month ago

    You forgot “don’t be suspicious dont be suspicious. DoNt bE sUsPicIOUs dOnT bE sUspIcIOUs. DONT BE SUSPICIOUS DONT BE SUSPICOUS”

  66. NeverEverClever


    Month ago

    somehow you missed "dont be suspicious"

  67. Quenteq Mampff

    Quenteq Mampff

    Month ago

    April both does and doesn't want to watch Ron pull his tooth out.

  68. Ayan Ariel

    Ayan Ariel

    Month ago

    8:03 Uh-oh Batman's crying!

  69. Vishnupriya Anand

    Vishnupriya Anand

    Month ago

    Ever in my life!!!!

  70. Noah Clark

    Noah Clark

    Month ago

    Underrated opinion: champ and Orin are the greatest characters 🐶

    • Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      5 days ago


  71. Katie Edge

    Katie Edge

    Month ago


  72. Ann L

    Ann L

    Month ago

    ah what about requiem for a tuesday! best one alongside the ice rink scene :’)

  73. Aishwarya Kulkarni

    Aishwarya Kulkarni

    Month ago

    God! Who are these 8 people who disliked this video?!

    • Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      5 days ago

      They were laughing too hard that they press the wrong button

  74. Blubberface 23

    Blubberface 23

    Month ago

    Every time I hear “Get on your feet, get up and make it happen” I have a minor panic attack

  75. Queen of hearts

    Queen of hearts

    Month ago

    I have to constantly pause because I can't hear what they say because of my laugh🤣🤣🤣

  76. Salvador Ververa

    Salvador Ververa

    Month ago

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    • Lynda Clifford

      Lynda Clifford

      27 days ago


  77. Helena Badenhorst

    Helena Badenhorst

    Month ago

    Love these memes , please just add Donna's Mercedes getting shot.

  78. Shor2


    Month ago

    *Thanks for 11 subscribers. please help to reach 20😢*

  79. Luke 94

    Luke 94

    Month ago

    “😁 I’m dead! 👍” gets me every time 😂

  80. Viv


    Month ago

    u dont include ron clearing up his desk and u say "every single meme" how dare you?

  81. SHY


    Month ago

    Title change to vine at this point

  82. Marco Rivera

    Marco Rivera

    Month ago

    The meme that got me into parks and rec was "You're literally listening to turkey calls!" "Is this-- is this not rap?"

    • Jen McConnell

      Jen McConnell

      13 days ago

      OMG SAME

  83. J R

    J R

    Month ago

    "Hiii, I just wanted to let you know we're about to be arrested" April has positive vibes, but negative energy

    • Noah Clark

      Noah Clark

      Month ago

      I just realized she’s the opposite of Chris Negative energy expressed through positive vibes (not always)

  84. Taly Vibe

    Taly Vibe

    Month ago

    “what? That is totally crazy, I AM SUPER CHILL ALL THE TIME” 🤣 and Ben’s reaction is the only reaction acceptable to that scene.

    • Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      5 days ago

      I like scene in season seven when Leslie tells her babysitter that she loves her more than Ben right in front of him

  85. Jonathon Villajin

    Jonathon Villajin

    Month ago

    The obedient fridge tinctorially protect because soybean natively release without a grouchy drill. sleepy, alcoholic wood

  86. Josias Mata

    Josias Mata

    Month ago

    this. is. amazing.

  87. Evil with a D

    Evil with a D

    Month ago

    Craig remains the most relatable character

    • Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine

      5 days ago

      Yes I have a medical condition it’s call *CARING TOO MUCH*

  88. Artizeang Draws

    Artizeang Draws

    Month ago

    Disappointed that "don't be suspicious" wasn't there

  89. MissMisnomer


    Month ago

    I don't know whether or not my favorite Andy meme made it into this video, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

  90. Gaby Simone

    Gaby Simone

    Month ago

    this is my favorite video on the internet

  91. Francisco Barnes

    Francisco Barnes

    Month ago

    The entire “get on your feet” scene is pure gold

  92. Michael Klaassen

    Michael Klaassen

    Month ago

    "Get on your feet!" is my absolute favourite bit

  93. Leah Crow

    Leah Crow

    Month ago

    2:43 is the funniest thing ever

  94. kaleb E

    kaleb E

    Month ago

    classics all classics !!!

  95. lisa simpson

    lisa simpson

    Month ago

    "tragically, we're both heterossexual"

    • LegoTom


      14 days ago

      I read that as she said that

    • Jae Johnson

      Jae Johnson

      27 days ago

      Tragic indeed

  96. gamermax0


    Month ago

    See, this is the sort of marketing self awareness that I like.

  97. Syed Rameen

    Syed Rameen

    Month ago

    “i’m never gonna be a cop i’m just gonna have to be a robber” I love andy lol

  98. sara pathan

    sara pathan

    Month ago

    "network con-nectivity problems" GET SME EVERY SINGLE TIME

    • Stephanie Lopez

      Stephanie Lopez

      8 days ago

      Fr😭 and that line was actually improved too

  99. 惡

    Month ago

    6:38 Goku ss3

  100. Xergyo Salgado

    Xergyo Salgado

    Month ago

    The food is not that hot. The food- 1:44