Jake and Amy's Love Story (Part One) | Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Comedy Bites

From that fateful first meeting all the way through to Jake's proposal, here's Jake and Amy's story! Boyle can't be the only one hearing wedding bells at the Nine-Nine, right?
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  1. No one

    No one

    Day ago

    Charles hair never changed throughout their relationship

  2. HemanThatsMyName


    3 days ago

    Keep it 100, not 99 like Jake and Amy

  3. Didnwks


    8 days ago

    Charles is the only person who doesn’t look different at all in the flashbacks

  4. Dave M

    Dave M

    11 days ago

    That was great. Now I don't have to watch b99.

  5. Artsy mind

    Artsy mind

    12 days ago

    Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt no doubt

  6. milodes


    13 days ago

    Did Jake call Amy Dora cause she's Mexican like dora

  7. Internet Sloth

    Internet Sloth

    14 days ago


  8. PandaKing550


    15 days ago

    If they continued this show I can’t wait to see the baby

  9. Lt.ReubenRoze YT

    Lt.ReubenRoze YT

    22 days ago

    Charles was the backbone of the relationship.

  10. Justanaccident


    23 days ago

    When they got together i felt like amy changed into jake.

  11. K T

    K T

    25 days ago


  12. Lydia S

    Lydia S

    27 days ago

    4:40 “Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable” -Natasha Romanoff

  13. lover lover

    lover lover

    27 days ago


  14. ben mungai

    ben mungai

    27 days ago

    Guys, We did it. realy did it? 😂😂 Charles deserves a special award!!!

  15. Saikat Kar

    Saikat Kar

    28 days ago

    When the series started, I kinda liked Boyle's character. Now, I fucking love the Man! What an angel.

  16. Shreya Gupta

    Shreya Gupta

    Month ago

    Teddy made 10 accounts to dislike it

  17. Colleen Dianuzzo

    Colleen Dianuzzo

    Month ago

    Teddy dislike this 10 times

  18. FakeNewsBot


    Month ago

    Amy is so cute.

  19. gavin flores

    gavin flores

    Month ago

    need p2

  20. Samia I

    Samia I

    Month ago


  21. Jake Belgira

    Jake Belgira

    Month ago

    "We are lovers"..."together"..."in bed"😂

  22. HyDrA


    Month ago

    "Dat reely bumd mi aut mane" 😂

  23. amXranthiine


    Month ago

    I need a Charles in my life. 😭😭

  24. Rebecca Rich

    Rebecca Rich

    Month ago

    Why does this just completely skip over their first kiss? Highkey one of their best moments

    • Jack Savas

      Jack Savas

      14 days ago

      @Ping Fang yeahn

    • Ping Fang

      Ping Fang

      Month ago

      First fake kiss and first real kiss!!!

  25. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon

    Month ago

    I never noticed Boyle’s face during the bet proposal, he looks like he’s enjoying it a little too much

  26. Yael Fierro

    Yael Fierro

    Month ago

    How dare not to include the double tuck in here

    • Kurled


      Month ago


  27. Evan Nance

    Evan Nance

    Month ago

    Amy: I hate your guts Jake: channel that passion into the dance

  28. Ved Prakash

    Ved Prakash

    Month ago

    Opposites attract

  29. Barrie K

    Barrie K

    Month ago

    1:27 to 1:46 is the cutest moment in their relationship and definitely when he fell in love with her, change my mind.

    • Jake Pullman

      Jake Pullman

      Month ago

      Yeah, he literally said that's when he fell in love with her.

  30. Ryan Leary

    Ryan Leary

    Month ago

    Best couple/relationship on TV

  31. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon

    Month ago

    There is a reason why this is my fav tv couple

  32. Marthe Nuyttens

    Marthe Nuyttens

    Month ago

    “ThAt ReAlLy BuMpEd Me OuT mAn”😂

    • Dr. VegaPunK

      Dr. VegaPunK

      Month ago


    • HyDrA


      Month ago


  33. RogueSorceress


    Month ago

    I love their relationship so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Giorgia


    Month ago

    Charles is the entire fandom

  35. Kevin Gomolchak

    Kevin Gomolchak

    Month ago

    I love that Boyle always knew.

  36. Marty Dobrek

    Marty Dobrek

    Month ago

    The cuddly earth separately search because fat literally pat than a amuck candle. unequaled, snotty bestseller

    • MaryEllen Brown

      MaryEllen Brown

      Month ago

      @Wararrow 10 I don’t know if you’re dumb but this comment definitely didn’t make any sense.

    • Wararrow 10

      Wararrow 10

      Month ago

      I might be dum but please explain

  37. Iva P

    Iva P

    Month ago

    One dislike is from Teddy

  38. Maria Huerta

    Maria Huerta

    Month ago

    Charles is responsible for this relationship ❤️

  39. Shailaja Shettar

    Shailaja Shettar

    Month ago

    Wohoo 13th comment

  40. Elif Gokkaya

    Elif Gokkaya

    Month ago

    The one dislike is Teddy 😂

    • Nakul Lele

      Nakul Lele

      Month ago

      He is a multiplying freak alien

    • Fernando Otero

      Fernando Otero

      Month ago

      All the other dislikes will be Teddy

  41. Tuấn Nguyễn

    Tuấn Nguyễn

    Month ago

    Boyle is so wholesome. He represents all of us when it comes to peraltiago

    • Aiwekàno


      Month ago

      No, if I had a friend butting into my relationship like that, there would be murder

    • Blaze Dragon

      Blaze Dragon

      Month ago

      And we are proud of it!

  42. Shourjyo Sen

    Shourjyo Sen

    Month ago

    It's lovely how their competitiveness never interferes with the nature of the relationship. On the contrary it is the factor helps in building the relationship, other than Charles.

  43. luke forde

    luke forde

    Month ago

    Charles fainting after the proposal is a true moment of friendship

  44. Ishan Kesharwani

    Ishan Kesharwani

    Month ago

    Charles is that friend who tries hardest to bring the people close together

    • Seth Gideon Caringal

      Seth Gideon Caringal

      Month ago

      and he ended up doing the opposite

    • Kane Law

      Kane Law

      Month ago

      That's the best friend to have honestly, and I'm not the sappy type of guy

  45. Preton Music

    Preton Music

    Month ago

    I'm way too obsessed with this show love it

  46. GRIFF


    Month ago

    They were so cute and I loved watching their relationship

  47. Chanukya Pavan

    Chanukya Pavan

    Month ago

    No matter how many times this is uploaded, I'll watch again and again, I just love her soo much

  48. The Lockenbubi

    The Lockenbubi

    Month ago

    Honestly, the first time i saw the show, when it cut to them lying in bed smiling, i was sooo happy and my heart melted

  49. James Jackson

    James Jackson

    Month ago

    I'm glad you put the clips in chronological order.

  50. Derek Lasker

    Derek Lasker

    Month ago

    Produced, directed, and edited by (and co starring) Charles Boyle

  51. Nathan Kemp

    Nathan Kemp

    Month ago

    No one cares if you were first.

  52. bex


    Month ago

    charles called it from the start!

  53. Brian Kao

    Brian Kao

    Month ago

    How much you all want to bet that this video made and directed by Charles?

  54. Rhiannon Davies

    Rhiannon Davies

    Month ago

    I love how Amy let Jake continue coming out with his random nonsense when he was proposing bc she genuinely enjoyed it

    • Angel Sanchez

      Angel Sanchez

      17 days ago

      @Yeonjoon Kim Here goes. The mandatory comment for people like you. "You must be fun at parties"

    • Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      Yap Hong-wei Jonathan

      Month ago

      And i loved where he proposed to Amy. In the evidence room where they first kissed for reals.

    • Rhiannon Davies

      Rhiannon Davies

      Month ago

      @Yeonjoon Kim I am aware

    • Yeonjoon Kim

      Yeonjoon Kim

      Month ago

      shes acting

  55. theplasmawolf


    Month ago

    "You are under arrest! This is a work event!"

    • The sports talk guy

      The sports talk guy

      16 days ago

      or two I guess

    • The sports talk guy

      The sports talk guy

      16 days ago

      the best one liner

  56. Trevor Carlson

    Trevor Carlson

    Month ago

    No lie, Charles is responsible for their entire relationship.

    • Dead Pufferfish

      Dead Pufferfish

      16 days ago

      How?! I honestly feel like Charles ruins the moment between jake and Amy Don’t get me wrong it’s funny at times but not all the time

    • Jonathan Shimoon

      Jonathan Shimoon

      22 days ago


  57. Jiya Gulati

    Jiya Gulati

    Month ago

    "..and I totally get it but I think it just took me a while to 'totally' totally get it and now I totally get it." ~Jacob Sherlock Peralta, always great with words

  58. Sakhi Saxena

    Sakhi Saxena

    Month ago

    The way Jake's expression changes at 3:25 is everything

  59. Sakhi Saxena

    Sakhi Saxena

    Month ago

    I will never get over these two.

  60. Vice


    Month ago

    Last time i was this early charles still liked rosa

    • Kevin Gomolchak

      Kevin Gomolchak

      Month ago

      He's still likes Rosa. He no longer is obsessively in love with her.

  61. The Caillou twins A&A

    The Caillou twins A&A

    Month ago

    There my favorite couple ever

  62. Pyro Moose

    Pyro Moose

    Month ago


    • Fishify Jenkins

      Fishify Jenkins

      Month ago

      actually 8th

  63. kshitij dhande

    kshitij dhande

    Month ago

    Dat really bummed me out man

  64. Fishify Jenkins

    Fishify Jenkins

    Month ago

    "I hear wedding bells" Charles is the fricking best. It was Charles who started this. Great job boyhunter

  65. Abhiraj Bhowmick

    Abhiraj Bhowmick

    Month ago

    One of the best relationships in TV history.Period.

    • Hailey Hightower

      Hailey Hightower

      16 days ago

      @Benjamin Jimenez ok crazy.

    • Lauren Luckett

      Lauren Luckett

      28 days ago

      @Benjamin Jimenez how.?

    • Benjamin Jimenez

      Benjamin Jimenez

      Month ago

      @Lauren Luckett Jim and Pam?? Not sure about that one

    • Lauren Luckett

      Lauren Luckett

      Month ago

      Amy and Jake, Jim and Pam, Angela and Dwight, Ben and Leslie, April and Andy.

  66. Matthew Jansen

    Matthew Jansen

    Month ago

    4th only bc i watched half the video first

  67. Bernardo Sanchez

    Bernardo Sanchez

    Month ago

    Charles is the best wing man, he helped jake so much

    • Roy epic350

      Roy epic350

      9 days ago

      @Hee Choon Yeo god bless

    • Hee Choon Yeo

      Hee Choon Yeo

      Month ago

      I had the power, I seized the opportunity. The 69th like has been enabled

  68. Sreedev Rajesh

    Sreedev Rajesh

    Month ago

    ❤️ Always in Love With This.....❤️



    Month ago