Mindy Lahiri VS Kelly Kapoor | The Mindy Project & The Office | Comedy Bites

Mindy Kaling really came for us with these two. Our favourite relatable queens go face-to-face with top moments from The Mindy Project and The Office. This video is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Who's your favourite - Mindy or Kelly? Let us know in the comments.
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  1. TIP


    22 days ago

    4:57 I still die of laughter everytime (≧▽≦)

  2. thorzyan


    22 days ago

    Yeah, she's not funny to me at all. Not a single laugh from me ever.

  3. Sam Stern

    Sam Stern

    22 days ago

    In both shows Kelly dated Ryan

    • Deepak Vashisth

      Deepak Vashisth

      22 days ago

      @Black Hole yeah in real life its more 'on again, off again' type of thing for them. B.J. Novak revealed this in an interview..

    • Black Hole

      Black Hole

      22 days ago

      Did they date in real life aswell?

  4. batgurrl


    22 days ago

    I’m a simple woman, I see Mindy Kaling and I click right away. This comparison is like a dream come true❤️

  5. Aleem


    22 days ago

    I am the 6th commenter

  6. Gayathri Gld

    Gayathri Gld

    22 days ago

    Imagine Tom Haverford and Kelly kapoor dating😂

    • pola moussa

      pola moussa

      16 days ago

      A drama queen and a queen

    • loveloses


      22 days ago

      wouldn't happen lol

  7. Gayathri Gld

    Gayathri Gld

    22 days ago

    Mindy Kaling breaking stereotypes💫❤

  8. Lucas Nehoray

    Lucas Nehoray

    22 days ago

    Yeah I have a lot of questions, number one how dare you??

  9. Soumya Singh

    Soumya Singh

    22 days ago

    Oh my god ...... I was so fast .... First .... Oh by the way Kelly and Mindy are so great.

  10. Da fancy boi

    Da fancy boi

    22 days ago

    Hi first