Mouse Rat's Greatest Hits FEAT. Andy Dwyer | Parks & Recreation | Comedy Bites

Here's all the bangers from Mouse Rat, Pawnee's favourite rock group/L'il Sebastian memorial band. Featuring musical talent ANDY DWYER and... some other guys.
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  1. Nicholas Tedesco

    Nicholas Tedesco

    11 days ago

    Honestly swan song kinda slapped until Andy broke down. Once he did that it transformed into a full fledged back hand. Seriously tho they had something

  2. N Mouning

    N Mouning

    11 days ago

    The wailing in the Swan song is me literally every day😭😅

  3. WallChart


    11 days ago

    The fact this doesn’t include the way you look tonight is a travesty!

  4. Chris Buchaniec

    Chris Buchaniec

    12 days ago

    Mouse Rat should have been bigger than Nirvana Certainly bigger than Jane's Addiction

  5. Kevin Gomolchak

    Kevin Gomolchak

    12 days ago

    What *does* Ron know about music?

  6. Fernando Romero Tirado

    Fernando Romero Tirado

    12 days ago

    Unity Concert is my favorite episode. Mouse Rat & Duke Silver 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Bailey Schatz

    Bailey Schatz

    12 days ago

    Chris Pratt should start doing music.

  8. fascinatinglist


    12 days ago

    I always liked the name "Scare Crow Boat"

  9. Jordi Cruz Lopez

    Jordi Cruz Lopez

    12 days ago

    The best part of the video was April quietly singing along to 5000 candles in the wind

  10. Kirby Fan

    Kirby Fan

    12 days ago

    WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS cAME OUT TODAY?!?!?!?

  11. Unforeseeable 2.0

    Unforeseeable 2.0

    12 days ago


  12. Ellis Bradley

    Ellis Bradley

    12 days ago

    Omg, when duke silver comes in at the end... goosebumps!

  13. Monky Dollqueen

    Monky Dollqueen

    12 days ago

    In two weeks, you'll feel it. In four weeks, you'll see it. In eight weeks, you'll hear it.

  14. 6318374


    12 days ago

    Up in horsey heaven here’s the thing ....

    • 6318374


      7 days ago

      @overall spread your wiiings and fly, spread your wings and flyyy 🐴

    • overall


      8 days ago

      @6318374 your five thousand candles in the wind

    • 6318374


      11 days ago

      @Ken Deng BYE BYE LIL SEBASTIAN !!!

    • Ken Deng

      Ken Deng

      11 days ago

      @Fandog Plays Miss you in the saddest fashion

    • Fandog Plays

      Fandog Plays

      11 days ago

      @N Mouning bye bye lil Sebastian

  15. Dustin Scott

    Dustin Scott

    12 days ago

    5000 Candles in the Wind is the greatest song of all-time.

    • Weary Carton

      Weary Carton

      12 days ago


  16. Pratik Shiwakoti

    Pratik Shiwakoti

    12 days ago

    God I miss this show And yeah lil Sebastian makes me cry

  17. Kacy Tam

    Kacy Tam

    12 days ago

    honestly "5000 Candles in the Wind" is a real bop.

    • salvage


      12 days ago




      12 days ago

      I'm not crying shut up

  18. pittcult


    12 days ago

    these songs are actually so catchy yesterday i was humming "you fellin' in the pit" while doing laundry lmao

    • Nikheet Isnotcool

      Nikheet Isnotcool

      10 days ago

      I looked up the song and learned how to play it on guitar.

    • N Mouning

      N Mouning

      11 days ago

      Omg same!🤣

  19. JamesMusic


    12 days ago


  20. Sam Stern

    Sam Stern

    12 days ago

    Chris Pratt has a rad voice

  21. Daboss 6585

    Daboss 6585

    12 days ago

    Some of this was scarecrow boat

  22. Reuben T.

    Reuben T.

    12 days ago

    The band name should have been the Andy Dwyer Experience

    • Jen McConnell

      Jen McConnell

      12 days ago

      but then Burley would complain that I "can't just take credit for everything Andy" and refuse to do my laundry.

  23. Reuben T.

    Reuben T.

    12 days ago

    You realize that you could be listening to Teddy Bear Suicide instead of Mouse Rat. I honestly don't know which name is better lmao

    • Mait !

      Mait !

      12 days ago

      @Juanoots21 Andy Andy Andy’s

    • Juanoots21


      12 days ago

      Everything Rhymes With Orange >>

  24. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones

    12 days ago

    Best band



    12 days ago